ABCD Solutions Series


The ABCD Solutions Series explores the dilemmas of economic opportunity as they intersect with federal, state and local policies and systems that impact the lives of men, women and children living in poverty in Massachusetts. The 2014-2015 sessions explored how to create and grow systems that help low-income individuals and families rise out of poverty—access to quality health care, safe and affordable housing, coordination of public services, including alternatives to ‘criminalization’ for court-involved youth, and growing regionalization—to name a few. The ABCD Solutions Series sets the stage for asking the audience to think intentionally and differently about action-oriented solutions to the age-old challenge of providing true economic opportunity for all.

Topics covered in recent months, often to standing-room only crowds, were:

  • Making affordable health care work: Finding and fixing the challenges of new health care legislation.

  • Housing access solutions we don’t want to think about... that just might work.

  • The cradle to prison pipeline: How can we break the chain?

  • Regionalization: The answer to gentrification without displacement?

  • Bails, Fines and Fees: A road map to Incarceration?

  • Working and Permanently Poor: Is there a ladder up?

Topics for upcoming seminars include: Benefits/Service Integration; Women and Prison; Immigrants.