Adell Warren

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Juggling her Dreams

“As a single working mom with four teenagers at home – that Earned Income Tax Credit check can’t come too soon! Last year it meant that my daughter was able to go to her prom. That meant the world to her…and to me. It’s helped me catch up on bills, save for the future, buy a used car that I need now for my new job.” — Adell Warren, age 50

Adell Warren knows about juggling. She has raised five children while working full-time as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Soon she begins a new position as a Home Health Aide. It’s hard work that she loves, but the pay is barely enough to pay bills and feed and clothe four teenagers. A longtime South End resident, Adell has strong connections to ABCD’s South End Neighborhood Action Program (SNAP) and its programs: job search, SummerWorks, food pantry, holiday help and EITC/Financial Wellness. EITC has been called the nation’s most effective antipoverty program. For Adell and her family it provides a needed boost in a world where low-wage employment fails to lift workers out of poverty.