Andrew McCall

Dreaming of a Future

“Without this program I wouldn’t have made it to my 16th birthday.” — Andrew McCall, age 19

Andrew McCall began experimenting with drugs at age 11 and by age 13 was using heroin. Nothing helped. He went to detox five or six times and was finally sent to a halfway house. They connected him with ABCD’s Ostiguy High School. Then he relapsed and got booted out of the halfway house and Ostiguy. But the second time around something clicked. What made the difference? “The small classes at Ostiguy,” he said. “The people there who actually cared what happened to me. The classmates battling what I was battling.” Andrew graduated from Ostiguy High in June 2015 and is in college now, majoring in criminal justice. He lives at home, works, and coaches his little sister’s 8th grade basketball team. He aims to finish college, be a cop and have a family.

Recently he journeyed to Washington, DC to testify before a Department of Education special committee on the value of recovery schools. Go Andrew!