ABCD Building Pathways graduate Jerry Pham celebrates with supporters including (l-r) Azell Martin, Boston Housing Authority; Joe Donato, Lead Instructor, Boston Building Trades Council; Jerry Pham, Tyrone Kindle, Project Director, Boston Building Trades Council; Brett Thomason, ABCD; and Brian Doherty, Director, BBTC.

Learning Works, ABCD’s adult workforce development center, offers education, training and support services for low-income adults.

Building Pathways

Building Pathways prepares and places men and women who were unemployed or earning minimum wage in union apprenticeships in the building trades – at union wages. As apprentice electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, carpenters, roofers and other construction trade specialists, they earn in the $30 an hour range by the second year of apprenticeship and move up to $33 to $50 an hour when they become journeymen in their trade.

The program is a partnership with the Building & Construction Trades Council of the Metropolitan District and the Boston Housing Authority. The pre-apprenticeship program builds skills, confidence and employee support. In 2014, 49 of the 50 people enrolled graduated from the program and 22 of them now work in union apprenticeships.


NextSTEP grads get jobs in early education with solid pay, benefits and growth potential. They fill a huge labor market need – employment forecasts show that in the next seven years, 7,730 jobs in early education will open up in Massachusetts.

Previously “First Steps into Child Care Careers,” Next Steps is an entry-level early education training program with two components: coursework and supervised work experience. Participants complete the college courses and 450 hours of work experience necessary for entry-level certification from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. They also complete the prerequisites for continuing their education in a Child Development Associate Certificate program.

All-around Career Development!

ABCD speaks career development at every juncture – programs, resources and vast energy are directed to assisting those in need to achieve their full potential and climb the ladder of economic opportunity and self-fulfillment in their work and life. From early childhood and school-age programs to all-important youth programs to financial literacy and immigration services and health education and more – ABCD is all about providing the knowledge and support that moves people forward in their lives and careers. Several times a year, ABCD works with Suffolk University to offer employees an outstanding management training program.

The “Career Development” program investment this year was $988,829 which was directed to teachers and counselors, classroom space, payments for college courses and learning materials.