Dominique Florence

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Dreaming Big

“My experience at ABCD Health Services has inspired me on so many levels. The Young Women’s Health Leadership Academy opened a career path for me. I discovered that I love to help people, to educate people, to provide then with choices and resources. My dreams for the future include college and a career path in the health field. Perhaps I’ll be a doctor. Anything is possible!” — Dominique Florence, age 23

Two years ago Dominique enrolled in the Young Women’s Health Leadership Academy at ABCD Health Services, where she learned leadership skills, health literacy and much more. Only 21 years old, she had experienced painful loss and was unsure of herself and her future. All of that changed as she discovered her own powerful capability to connect with and teach others. She was hired as a Peer Navigator in the YWHLA and then promoted to Health Educator for ABCD’s “Safer is S.E.X.Y.” (Sophisticated Empowered Xtraordinary You) which uses social media to educate community residents about HIV. Now she plans to finish college and apply to medical school.