Dorchester Academy

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Best Buy’s Geek Squad brought technology to life for inner-city students during a two-day gig at the ABCD high schools.

On September 8, ABCD opened Dorchester Academy in Fields Corner with the mission of turning around a low-performing Boston Public School and providing 150 inner-city, often struggling students with the opportunity and inspiration to succeed in school and life. Dorchester Academy is an innovative learning community operated in partnership with the Boston Public Schools. ABCD is implementing a “wrap-around” education-service model that has proven successful in serving disadvantaged students at ABCD’s University and Ostiguy High Schools. With the goal of increasing Dorchester Academy’s graduation rate from 40 to 80-plus percent, ABCD is raising private funds to build capacity.  A high-profile “Hoop Dreams” fundraiser at TD Garden on September 2 proved hugely successful and ABCD raised $100,000 for Dorchester Academy. “It’s a start,” said ABCD President/CEO John J. Drew. “But we need more funds to provide the resources these kids need.” At Dorchester Academy, 95 percent of students are from low-income families and 40 percent speak English as a Second Language.