The ABCD “Front Door”

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Governor Charlie Baker wears his ABCD “Front Door” ID card as he talks with ABCD President/CEO John J. Drew and Michael Vance, ABCD Vice President, Field Operations.

“Front Door” is a cutting-edge ABCD initiative through which a community membership card is harnessed to a fully integrated computer network to provide better access and services for the low-income individuals and families served at every ABCD site. When customers enter ABCD’s “Front Door, staffers know immediately the full scope of services they have received and can provide needed services and referrals to appropriate resources effectively and efficiently. The overall goal is to streamline the pathway to self-sufficiency and enhance quality of life for the more than 100,000 low-income persons served annually by ABCD. Last spring Governor Charlie Baker visited ABCD and received his own ABCD “Front Door” photo ID card.