Head Start, Foster Grandparent Programs Celebrate 50th Anniversaries!


Head Start mom and daughter.

Foster Grandmother Ana Luisa Nincuevas, age 80, with children at Jamaica Plain Head Start.

This year marked 50 years of making a difference for two programs cherished by ABCD and America. Head Start and Foster Grandparents were born out of the creativity and caring of the best and brightest minds of the 1960’s War on Poverty. Both programs had their earliest beginnings in Boston at ABCD.

Since 1965, Head Start has put 30 million low-income children and their families across America on the path to success in school and life. Head Start provides pre-school children from low-income families with the comprehensive educational, emotional, social, health and nutritional services that enable them to enter kindergarten on equal footing with their more affluent peers. Head Start’s legacy speaks for itself via a wealth of research and a host of personal achievements.

Foster Grandparents has been called the most heartwarming, mutually beneficial intergenerational program ever created, as low-income seniors share their wisdom and love with children of special needs in schools, child care centers, hospitals and other sites.

Enthusiastic 50th anniversary celebrations for both programs rocked ABCD and Boston-area communities this year!