Lany Ruiz

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A Dream of Home

“We were so close to being evicted. I couldn’t sleep at night. Then ABCD’s housing advocates were on the scene. They went to housing court with me. They found funds to prevent the eviction. Without ABCD we would have been in a shelter or on a payment plan I couldn’t afford.” — Lany Ruiz, age 30

Lany Ruiz is a single parent with two children, ages 1 and 4. She lives in Roxbury and works full-time as a housekeeper at an upscale Boston hotel. When son Joshua was born last year, she received three months unpaid maternity leave. She juggled payments for rent, telephone, car insurance, but fell behind on the rent and received an eviction notice. Someone told her to call ABCD. ABCD housing court advocates went with her to court, accessing rental assistance funds from two non-profit organizations totaling $3,000 to pay the arrearage and prevent eviction. They also provided referrals to other useful programs. Lany got back to work and caught up on bills. Without this intervention, she and her children would have become one of the state’s painful homeless statistics, struggling to survive in a shelter or motel at a cost of $38,000 annually to taxpayers.

Keeping a family in their home saves taxpayers $38,000 per year in shelter costs.